Do you have a personal Development goal for 2018?

Do you have personal development Goals for 2018?

If no let’s look at this together.

Below are the areas you should look at when setting goals for 2018

1. Spiritual Goals,: your passion for God should increase so much, set a goal to have a personal intimacy with your God.
2. Relationship Goals: (of all kinds) have you heard of  this saying ? ” Who you follow determines what follows you”. Set goals to keep quality relationships because relationship is also currency just as money is, in fact more valuable than money, it can buy you what money can not buy. You must not pay hard currency for every thing build quality relationships that will speak for you.
3. Financial pursuit goals: you should set goals to know and get all the financial principles and financial intelligence required to take you to financial Dominion, this will also help you to avoid waste , and wrong investments in 2018
4 Mental development and capacity goals:  you should be able to improve your life through reading of books adding value to your self in other to set a cutting edge in the society
5. Career goals 🙁 your assignment and pursuit in life)
6. Health: set a real goal to pay attention to your health, health is wealthy and life

Its okey if you are not popular on social media

  1. social media platform,  doesn’t reflect our true self and moreover, the appreciation on that platform is also not genuine. So, it is better not to take all of that seriously. Being a popular face on social media is almost like being rich in some games , people who play game can relate with this, It is a virtual thing and it has nothing to do with reality. Let’s be wise.