TODAY (part 2)

TODAY (part 2)
Here comes the continuation of today as promised.
The light source is the same but the intensity varies
The same sun shines but the cloud in the sky can shield the rays
So every days light intensity differs
Which makes today TODAY

There is summer and winter
There is heat and cold
But every day varies
Life is best live a day at a time.
You don’t make it better by living yesterday TODAY!
So up you arise and dare it.
Yesterday you tried,  but today you can do IT.
You must improve on yesterday’s ideas,  belief and mindset
Give today a CHANCE
The fact that today’s light intensity is different   qualifies today to be TODAY.
Don’t give it a trial as usual : do it.
Don’t attempt it,  execute it.
TODAY is not yesterday



They say you come from just a mix.
That you were just by chance made up
By ink combined or light overlapped;
But you are not a temporary fix.

Adorns life forms on which we depend
To stand the heat and cold outside
Snowstorms unchecked, yet no frostbite
Hurricanes, typhoons, you won’t even bend.

Sun rays you use to give us strength
We come to you for shade and air
We take, you give with dutiful patience
Then run to you when sick and frail.

It must be why I wore you to train
To learn to live, and gulp the pain
To stand my ground for others to live
The way and manner they’ll sleep relieved.



Self love
Lust in the world of pleasing others and freezing in my own world of pain
Easing the pain of others but yet squeezing in my pain of Inconvenience
Meeting the needs of others
But yet pleading for just a little care,
Healing the pain of others but yet heaping my own pain.
Helping others except me
I love every other person except me.
Loving others was the simplest task to accomplish.
Then I realize I was wrong and guilty.
Guilty of what you may ask?
The law says love your Neighbour as your self.
Oh yes I came first not others,
Then I realize I can’t love others more than I love myself. I can’t take care of others while I bleed,  it should be win win situation.
Then I raise my head and say father I am sorry.
Self love is all that matters.


You are the Home of Peace,
Though I met you while you were in dire need of a peace enforcer.
Had I met you in one piece,
I’d have dined upon your famous fish from a golden saucer.

Who dare say that you have lost it all!
For I see a vast stretch of fallow land beyond my unaided eyes,
With vegetative evidence of the fertile land growing tall
Beckoning on the cultivator to come back home alive.

Alive we wish they’ll all come back.
For in you a great future lies
For our progeny present and those unborn.
They need their inheritance back to join in life’s strives.

When shall the blasts stop,
And the copper shells disappear?
When shall your muddy remains be patched up,
And your roofs be thatched?

The large city still bubbles with silent hope.
She has remained resilient and refused to fall.
For to whom would we run,
If she doesn’t shelter us like the mother hen?

I see grains and tubers from your farmlands;
The great lake supporting life, while I play with its beach sands.
Those cowboys must roam the bushes freely again
And you will be the Home of Peace, this time without disdain.


I hear your heartily giggle and I run to you
But I realise that you are all on your own
As you don’t even seem to notice me
I crave for your attention like I am the baby.

I have thought of walking away from you
Like an animal abandons a weak child; such level of cruelty, no I can’t!
For this strong connection tells me that we’re meant to be.
You are a gift to be doted upon, and not abandoned.

Even when it is not easy learning some subjects, you are highly talented
At your own time you take the information in
Showing special abilities in the dreaded subject of math
And impressive dexterity while fondling the instruments of music

Your social and learning challenges are not known to everyone
If we all knew, we would have supported you the way we should
So I tell others to let them know
That you are beloved, my special child, moreso with autism.