Its okey if you are not popular on social media

  1. social media platform,  doesn’t reflect our true self and moreover, the appreciation on that platform is also not genuine. So, it is better not to take all of that seriously. Being a popular face on social media is almost like being rich in some games , people who play game can relate with this, It is a virtual thing and it has nothing to do with reality. Let’s be wise.

Holiness Drug

I wish Holiness is a drug
I would have injected you with it
I wish Holiness was a drug, I would have put it in a glass of water for you to drink.
Oh why is it so hard , why is it so hard for you to stay Holy.
And why do I see my self falling also because I love you.
I wish to have a Holy , Relationship,
I wish to live and have fun , with out any corrupt mind set.
I love you yes I do but
Why can’t we have a holy relationship.
I wish I can inject , poison or drug you with Holiness.

I wish