Why Wait

Why Wait ?

New year is around the corner and a lot of plans are set to be achieved in it.
But wait a second,
Is there anything called new year or its just a delusion?
Is there any difference in the days and time?
Don’t be carried away only the figures change the days don’t.
Why wait till new year before :
You start reading that book?
You start writing the book?
Start the exercise?
Change the attitude?
Why wait  why not start now?
Start learning the skill now
Start thinking big now
Start the investment now
Start the savings now
Write the proposal now
Submit the proposal now
Always remember the difference is not in the days but just a second.
So why wait.
Start now and get your result now. You need not to wait for 2019 to get the results.

20 Replies to “Why Wait”

  1. True talk, well-done I am moved by your write up to continue my trugle without waiting for my thought of so called new year target. My mind is made up , the days remain the same and our challenges and fears remain within us if we don’t make that move . Thanks dear.

  2. Why Wait??…good topic and a nice write up. However, waiting can be that one is reviewing the errors of the past in order to get the future right.

  3. It’s great courage to start, procrastination is a disease but waiting for a good reason is worth more than starting and not finishing well. Nice one dear.

  4. Everyday and every second is the right time to start. Waiting till the new year may amount to waste of time and may even be too late. Timing is of the essence.
    Some folks find it easier to quantify their progress using the calendar year though.

    Thank you so much for giving out so much Virtue in this. Grace4more

  5. For me targets are set on daily basis and followed as such. Nice write-up at a point where most people wait for a new year biggining to plan….
    Keep the good work up and thanks….

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